Lovely gifts for the Newlyweds


When you are close to the couple, you may already know something that their heart desires. But at the same time, you may not have the budget to get them that dream present. In that case, you could gather the family members or friends to chip in and buy something that is precious and thoughtful at the same time. A collective effort ensures a worthy gift from the entire group.

Rasha Hamid, who got married recently, said all her cousins presented her with a couple's plane ticket to Paris as their wedding gift. “It was a trip of a lifetime for us and we will always cherish those memories.”

Lest you have only a few members to chip in, you can always book a spa retreat for the couple at any of the five-star hotels in Dhaka or resorts outside the capital. They would surely enjoy a couple's massage or weekend getaway to de-stress from the pandemonium of the wedding party.


A customised gift shows that you took the time and effort to make their wedding day special. Spice up an everyday mundane object by getting the couple's initials engraved on the item. It may be a locket or even a cheese board with their initials; you can bet they would be proud to hold on to that gift for long. A 'Mr and Mrs' bed sheet, pillow cases, mugs, key chains, bathrobes and towels also make for interesting and fun gifts.


Many couples breathe a great sigh of relief when they receive cash/gift cheques as a present. Just drop the cash or gift cheque into a suave envelope and stick it with an oversized bow and voila! You are all set. One obvious reason for joy is that the money can actually be used for something important. But another factor that is overlooked is that the couple does not have to stow away hundreds of gifts that they do not need at all. Storage is a big issue in today's homes and many have to wait a long time to be able to re-gift those, if at all!

When Dinah Haque got married, her maternal uncle asked her to sign a few important bank papers. Later, he gave those papers back to her and she stowed those safely away in the bank locker. Her uncle had gifted the couple a fixed bank deposit in their name. Five years on, when the investment instrument matured, the couple ended up receiving a substantial amount of money as savings.


Couples these days are taking a strong social stance, which is a welcome bold move. On their wedding invitation cards, couples list the charities that are close to their hearts or a mission that they feel strongly about.

Couples could sponsor a child with their gift money. The current Rohingya situation has engulfed the global news space and a newlywed couple could also make a contribution there. Some noteworthy options include UNFPA, Direct Relief International, and the Chattagram Maa-O-Shishu Hospital.

All that couples want to do on their big day is to enjoy the day with their near and dear ones. Their only aspiration is for their family members to do the same as they set off on their new lives together. Amid the merriment, fairy-tale like décor and scrumptious biryani, they truly wish for prayers and blessings for their new journey!Read more at:wedding dresses melbourne | wedding dresses sydney


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Wedding Ceremony

The wedding of President Joko Widodo’s only daughter Kahiyang Ayu has proceeded as planned despite a planned attack on the ceremony, which has been foiled by the police.

With thousands of invited guests in attendance, many of whom are important political figures and foreign ambassadors, the wedding of Indonesia’s first daughter was always considered a high-profile event. The wedding ceremony, held in Solo on Wednesday, attracted national media attention with the country’s citizens enthralled by the extravagant televised images.

Police vigilance paid off and enabled them to catch and arrest a suspected Muslim militant who had planned an attack on the wedding reception. “He planned to launch an amaliyah (attack) at the Myanmar Embassy in Jakarta and at the wedding ceremony of President Jokowi’s daughter,” Jakarta Police spokesman Raden Argo Yuwono said, as quoted by South China Morning Post.

The police identified the suspect as 25-year-old Rizky Anggara Putra and managed to arrest him after raiding his rented house in Bekasi and ultimately foiling the attack on the royal wedding.

The wedding itself was befitting for a king, with Ayu and groom Bobby arriving in separate gold-decorated chariots surrounded by presidential bodyguards in black suits, red ties and sunglasses. However, some parts of the wedding have been kept modest, best epitomized by the rickshaws that were hired to carry some of the guests to the location. President Widodo also chose to hold the ceremony at Graha Saba Buana Hall, a property he owns, with catering services provided by his son’s company.

The wedding ceremony also showcased Indonesia’s cultural diversity by featuring a parade in which people wearing ethnic costumes from all parts of the diverse country. The president and his family were dressed in traditional Javanese formal wear.Read more at:wedding gowns perth | wedding dresses online


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Fashion Show Packs City Hall

Fashion Show Packs City Hall

Lake Mills City Hall was a fashionista haven, Oct. 26, as the Fall Into Fashion show drew a packed house of ladies looking at the latest trends and shopping enthusiastically.

The event also featured a silent auction, as ladies-night-out delivered the goods and people left with full shopping bags and big smiles.

Tyranena Ladies Club President Natalie Raupp said the inspiration behind the Fall into Fashion Show was raising more money to help Lake Mills.

“We try to keep it local,” she said.

The money benefits local charities, he said, like the Fargo Library Summer Reading Program, the Emergency Medical Services, the Lake Mills Food Pantry and the Rock River Free Clinic in Jefferson.

"We also help the Rock Lake Improvement Association, and the Lake Mills Main Street Program,” she said. “We also give $750 to a recipient at the High School who shows commitment to service in the community.”

Raupp said the models represent the Banana Republic, Premiere Couture, and LulaRoe.

“We have a lot of friends and family doing the modeling,” she said. “Some of the stores are supplying their own models like the Banana Republic and hair is being done by Sam at Denny’s Hair Salon, and Cost Cutters is helping.”

She said a Mary Kay consultant is helping with makeup.

The goal of the evening, she said, was to have a fun event that was affordable for everybody.

“We had water donated by the Lake Mills Market, and some of our ladies have made all the hors-d'oeuvres,” she said. “We bought the cheesecake from Costco.”

She loves how much all the ladies have come together.

“We’re having a great time, and I believe that everyone who comes tonight is going to leave thinking that they’ve got their money’s worth for a good cause.

John Reich said he was having a great time being the emcee, but admitted he was a little outnumbered by all the women.

Lake Mills Main Street Executive Director Katie Otto said she wasn’t sure what to bid on because she just arrived.

“It’s great because it's raising money for the Tyranena Ladies Club and it’s different,” she said. “I hope it becomes an annual event.”

Gloria Staplemann loves seeing all the woman attending the event is the highlight of the evening.

Corrine Hunter was on hand with her fashions from LulaRoe and said she wanted to showcase everything she carries in her personal and home boutique.

“Some of the styles fall true to what people love today, especially for the fall season,” she said. “I grabbed a little bit of everything.”

Hunter said the wardrobe focuses on simplicity and what to wear to work.

“We’re here as women from all walks of life, and we want to make sure that we represent those women with the clothing line,” she said.

“I have a printed script,” he said. “They were very clear about what I had to say.”

Mary Lynne Mason said the evening is fun.

“I bought raffle tickets, so we’ll see how I do,” she said. “They (the Tyranena Ladies Club) do a lot of good things in the community, and I think they are a great organization.”

Theresa Peachey said she was having a great time modeling the LulaRoe Fashions and was wearing an Emilia outfit that was backward.

“It’s very versatile, so I am able to turn it around and put a shirt on underneath it and use the zipper as an accessory,” she said.

She picked the outfit.

“I have several of these Emilia’s in my closet,” she said. “I work for American Family Insurance, so I’ve worn them to work quite often, I wear them for holiday events that my husband and I go to.”

She liked the big crowd.

“They seem like they enjoy the fashion show,” she said.

Erika Ewelt modeled the wedding dress and received a lot of positive feedback.

“This is practice,” she said about any future wedding plans.

She became associated with modeling through her mother.

“I think it’s fun seeing all the other ladies who model and doing something for the community,” she said.

Her sister Rebecka Ewelt and had her hair dyed pink.

“I was in a hair show,” she said. “It took about four hours in the salon.”

She loved wearing the dresses.

“We don’t get to do anything like this, so it’s fun,” she said.

Raupp said the Tyranena Ladies Club has open membership.

“We initiated five ladies last year and two joining possibly this year who are checking us out,” she said. “It’s open to anyone.Read more at:wedding dresses brisbane | wedding dresses perth


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Ken Ferns designs fashion line

Fashion designer Ken Ferns has designed a retail line for an entertainment channel. The range, called 'LOVE. LAUGH. LIVE.', is created for Romedy Now. It revolves around the basic purpose and fundamentals of healthy living and loving, Ferns told IANS.

"The collection symbolises bright sunny days and sunshine smiles, blushed cheeks and a lot like love. This collection brings to life the feeling of a romantic touch, warmth and humour," Ferns added.

The designer feels the collection is light-hearted in style. "They are flirty and frilly with romance which adds a pop of surprise with yellows and whites. These styles are unconstrained and are relative to your day to day life. Cheerful as I desire each of our lives must be, this collection will definitely wear a smile," he added.

On the TV channel's move of foraying into the fashion space, Vivek Srivastava, Executive Vice President and Head - Entertainment Cluster at Times Network, said: "Ken Ferns is our chosen partner to design and present this lovely collection at the India Beach Fashion Week 2017.

"The idea of introducing the branded clothing line is to strengthen our connect with our viewers and the target audience. From flirtatious frills to bright sunshine colors, this clothing line will spell romance. It's time now to wear the love."Read more at:wedding dresses perth | www.sheindressau.com


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Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert

Fashion muse Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert is a shop assistant's dream.

"I watched the Burberry show through Instagram, and the next day I arrived in London and thought I'd check it out in the store. That day, I ended up buying two skirts and a coat from the new collection - I thought, I need this skirt right now. The assistant was like: 'Oh, shall I wrap this for you?' And I said: 'You don't understand, I'm walking out of the store with this skirt on.'"

A fashion editor for titles including Japanese Vogue and W Magazine, Battaglia Engelbert got her start in the industry as a model for Dolce & Gabbana at 17, but turned her back on it because she wanted more control over styling and make-up.

An early adopter of Instagram, she built her profile quickly by using it to network and establish herself as a fashion authority beyond the pages of magazines.

Today, she is seen as the woman everyone would want to dress like (if they dared to and had the budget).

When she attends the bi-annual fashion shows, she attends not just as an editor, but as one of the "peacocks", changing outfits multiple times a day - one moment feathers, the next, sequins, and all designer - with the aim of being photographed by the waiting paparazzi.

They're a breed often scorned by the "working" showgoers filing copy to deadline, though with brand partnerships worth a lot of money, this is work to many of this new cohort.

With very long legs and the deep pockets to match, 38-year-old Battaglia Engelbert could be an easy figure to dislike, especially for the majority of us for whom clothes shopping entails hunting for things that fit our bodies and our budget.

However, Battaglia Engelbert's appeal comes not only through her style, but also because she has a trump card that so many in fashion lack - a sense of humour. That sense of humour, along with an ability (and the nerve) to wear anything, is the basis of her book, Gio_graphy: Fun in the Wild World of Fashion (Rizzoli, £29.95).

It's a style manual - at least, of sorts. "It's more about mistakes, this book, than a how-to guide," she says witha laugh. "Like when you have to go from work to cocktails super quickly, you're going to end up brushing your teeth with mascara."

It spans from everyday - how to wear red, how to style out a broken zip - to the extreme, like how to go to the loo in a ball gown. Both ends of the spectrum are illustrated with pictures of Battaglia Engelbert leading by example - which in this instance, means a photo of her on said loo in said ball gown.

It's the fantasy fashion life that is the real appeal though - a showcase for Battaglia Engelbert's spirit that we could all use a little of, her willingness to try, her ability not to take herself too seriously. To have fun.

"Why not? I'm just saying that in my world, I think that being cool is a bore and being fun is more glamorous! At the end of the day, fashion is us changing costumes, it's the things we put on our bodies to have a good time.

"I think the worst is to be victimised by the clothes you wear. To watch a girl who cannot walk in high heels, and see her suffering. It's meant to be fun. Being fun is not necessarily me being a clown all the time, but I can't be the one who takes myself super seriously, and says: 'Today I'm going to wear this minimal look because I want to look intellectual.' No."

Being brought up in Milan by parents who were both artists could explain how both Battaglia Engelbert and her sister Sara, a handbag designer, ended up as such creative freedom fighters. Now, she divides her time between New York, Stockholm and, just lately, the English countryside with her husband, Oscar Engelbert, a Swedish real-estate mogul.

The pair married last year in a ceremony that spanned days, countries, and multiple dress changes. First, a Valentino gown for a small ceremony in Sweden, then Alaia to welcome guests to Capri the night before the wedding.

"On the day of the ceremony, I had three because I couldn't... I think each one of them was built for that purpose. I love fashion so much, it was a natural decision to have many changes. If I could have kept the big McQueen dress through the dinner, I probably would have done it. It's just that I would have had to have had 50 fewer guests to make room for the dress, so I went for the guests instead."

The bride changed into a Giambattista Valli gown for dancing; metallic Prada was custom-made for a party the following day.

"I've been like this since I was eight years old. I think my style will evolve as I evolve. My mother was a good example of elegance, but then I went crazy bananas like any teenager. And I don't have kids now, so I don't know what I'm going to do after, when I do. That's another chapter. I look at my girlfriends who have kids, and they have comfortable moments, and when they're back in shape or whatever, they go beyond fashion, even more than before."

Women around the world look to her for style inspiration - intentionally or not, she can set even the unlikeliest of trends.

Is there anything she'd never wear, I ask her. "Never say never." Except... she hesitates. "I have to say, I would never wear Crocs. Never, even if Christopher Kane made them. That's where I draw the line."

For the rest of us, that's probably a good thing.Read more at:backless wedding dresses | wedding dresses 2017


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Paris Fashion Week 2018

A strong platform for Philippine fashion brands and designers is slowly creating an indelible mark in the consciousness of the global fashion market.

Now on its third season, the Fashion Design Trade and Exhibit, Inc. (FDTEI), spearheaded by Carmina Sanchez Jacob and Robby Carmona, takes part in Paris Fashion Week 2018 once more. Ongoing at the Pirnia Collections Showroom for Evening Wear at The Westin, Paris Vendome is a showcase of Filipino artistry. Designers like Rhett Eala and Rajo Laurel, as well as brands DeLustico by Dennis Lustico and Ivarluski by Ivar Aseron present their global collection for Spring/Summer 2018.

DeLustico’s whimsical collection is a harmony of playful prints, eye-catchy hues, and intricate embellishments. Ivarluski redefined luxury with bold prints and volume in classic silhouettes. Rajo Laurel went for modern yet feminine looks. Rhett Eala created a tasteful collection of varying textures and prints that highlight a more timeless aesthetic.

According to Jacob, "We've had really really good reception with sales steadily increasing even if it's just our third season."

One of FDTEI’s core missions is to revolutionize the Philippine fashion industry. The company is constantly improving the standards of retail and wholesale distribution and licensing for local brands and designers globally. In its first years, the company has paved the way for Filipino designers and brands to establish new international markets, primarily in Middle Eastern countries.Read more at:wedding dresses online australia | sheindressau.com


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Artsy Williamsburg Wedding

Even though they joke that they have about 200 friends in common, ethical fashion designer Arden Wohl and artist Jonah Freeman didn’t actually cross paths until they both happened to be at a book party for the art dealer Jeffrey Deitch in 2014.

Exactly two years and two months later, Jonah broke his pelvis in a skiing accident and was relegated to a wheelchair during his recovery. He was practically apartment-bound due to the injury, but he still managed to surprise Arden with a proposal. “There was a beautiful snowstorm on January 7, and we were really trapped in the apartment,” remembers Arden. Jonah proposed with a ring he had created with the help of Arden’s mother. “He felt the snowy, sleepy romance added to the surprise. [And even though he was in a wheelchair], he stood up.” After Arden accepted, the couple leapt into planning what ended up becoming one of the most Instagrammed weddings of the year.

With a guest list 440-people long, they first needed to find a venue that could accommodate the large number, and after some searching, ended up choosing the Weylin in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. “It was originally built as a bank in 1875 and has been restored as a beautiful event space,” says Arden. “We love the Beaux Arts aesthetic and its two beautiful domes. It was the perfect place for an expansive ceremony and dinner, and then it also has a downstairs for an intimate dance party.”

The bride called upon longtime friend Zac Posen to create her custom wedding gown. “It was truly a dream come true!” says Arden. “It was really organic—he just knew exactly what I wanted my physical appearance to express on my wedding day.” The two grew up in New York City and were introduced when Posen returned to the city after attending school at Central Saint Martins in London. “Arden came over with a few friends to my parents’ loft, where I was starting my company, and she quickly became one of my earliest customers,” Posen remembers. “From that point on, she became a very close friend; we celebrated holidays together over the years and she was a staple from the very beginning in all of my front rows. She and her mom have remained very loyal customers of mine. [And, of course], it’s so flattering and so wonderful to be asked to make a friend’s wedding gown. She could have had anything she wanted, and this is what she wanted. She asked, and I, of course, said, ‘Yes!’”

The entire process was very collaborative, and lots of research and references were soon texted Posen’s way. One main source of inspiration for Arden and Posen was a favorite poem of hers, “The Goblin Market” by Christina Rossetti. “She wanted to capture the feeling of it,” explains Posen. “Art Nouveau, whimsical, forest and nymph-like creations.” Arden also gave him drawings by illustrator Edward Gory. “She liked a mixture of what felt like Victoriana with ’20s jazz elements,”adds the designer. “On the last frost of the year, I decided I wanted to drape it in a rural setting, and she started sending me music that she wanted me to listen to while I worked [at my country house], and this was the beginning of our Victorian pressed flower concept. I started taking periwinkles and sprigs of ivy and pinning them to the tulle.” He then had to figure out how to take these dried pressed flowers and translate them onto the dress. “[What can I say?] We’re both into our botany!” says Posen with a laugh.

“Arden wanted the overall dress to have a wow level up close, but also a subtlety to it,” continues Posen. “She didn’t want loud embroidery or something garish. We played with layers of different fabrications on her skin. We played with light like you work with a fresco. She wanted the dress to feel like a feather with no structure inside. She wanted it to be as light and airy as possible, and all of the shape had to come from the seaming, as she didn’t want any corsetry.”

Furthering the flora-and-fauna motif, Posen also created a 15-foot detachable veil embroidered with ferns, based on the plants at his home in Pennsylvania. The veil was lighter than the dress and ran the expanse of the train. It had hand-sewn gossamer wings embroidered in gold that were the size of Arden’s shoulder blades and lay perfectly against her shoulders.

On the day of the wedding, Christopher Niquet and Posen both styled the bride. For makeup, Mara Capps created a look that was as unique but also timeless. “I combined a classic bridal eye using soft pinks and a deeper buff tone, and then added some interest with a pop of gold glitter liner along the lash line overlaid with single hair lash extensions,” explains Capps. “That gold glitter peeked through her lashes as she walked down the aisle, giving her the feel of a psychedelic flower.”

Brittany Asch of Brrch Floral took direct inspiration from the wedding dress when creating Arden’s bouquet, making sure the arrangement felt elegant but also contemporary. “Flowers can evoke feelings similar to being in love, so we tried to represent that state of being,” says Asch.

The bridesmaids all wore different bright floral gowns and flowers in their hair—and when standing together, the color combination looked like a beautiful tapestry. Meanwhile, Jonah was in a custom dark blue suit by J. Mueser. He finished off his look with a purple and blue tie, a marigold and indigo opera scarf, and black boots by Jeffrey West.

The entire day came together with the help of the couple’s many friends and was a true testament to the strength of these relationships. Bridesmaid Mandie Erickson, who has been Arden’s agent and publicist, helmed the entire planning process. Friends Connan Mockasin, Andrew Vanwyngarden (the frontman of MGMT), and James Richardson (MGMT guitarist) played live during the ceremony, with a full string quartet and arrangements created by musician Alex Waterman. Twelve groomsmen and 22 bridesmaids (yes, you read that right, 22!) took their places up at the altar, flanking the groom.

Arden walked down the aisle escorted by both of her parents. Eleanor Friedberger, formerly the singer of the Fiery Furnaces, officiated; friend Monroe Robertson read “Somewhere I Have Traveled, Gladly Beyond” by e.e. cummings; and then the couple recited vows they’d both written. Just as they were pronounced husband and wife, and Jonah kissed Arden at the end of the ceremony, the band broke out into “Feel So Good” by Spacemen 3.

Everyone moved downstairs for cocktails and then back upstairs for dinner where the room was transformed. Brrch created rows of pink, green, and lavender florals inspired by the Garden of Eden, and they lined all of the long tables in the space. “Our florist paid attention to things I mentioned liking and then enhanced those moments, knowing people would be sitting with these flowers for about three hours,” explains Arden. “It was a long dinner, and we wanted people to be able to discover new aspects of the arrangement throughout time.”

Silkstone Catering made the entirely vegetarian five-course dinner, and during the meal, friends and family toasted the newlyweds extensively. For dessert, Nine Cakes created a beautiful lavender-vanilla wedding cake with a watercolor effect on the fondant and white doves and rough edges at the top of each layer. “We also had a chocolate version,” notes Arden. “And Vegan Diva made chocolate and vanilla gluten-free and vegan options.”

After the cake had been cut, everyone migrated downstairs to let loose on the dance floor with DJ Simon O’Connor, the frontman of Simon Doom and a member of MGMT. “We also had a light show designed by Joel Fitzpatrick,” says Arden. “The whole room, which had originally been used for cocktails, was entirely transformed!” For this portion of the evening, Posen created a custom lavender dress made for dancing. Karen Erickson of Erickson Beamon, a longtime friend and collaborator of the bride’s, also made a custom headband for Arden that matched the colors in both dresses. She had also created a custom comb for the ceremony made from the same materials. Arden removed this for dancing, but kept the headband on all night.

After hours, those looking to continue the party went to Baby’s All Right across the street. Says Arden: “Our friends are the owners and they closed the club for us. Stella Schnabel, who was one of my bridesmaids, organized a world-music band to perform live!”Read more at:wedding dresses adelaide | SheinDressAU


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Diamond wedding

A TROWBRIDGE couple who met at a dance in Lewes Town Hall in Sussex in 1951 have celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.

Daphne and Michael Wood, of Halfway Close, Trowbridge, met just before he was due to depart for his National Service at RAF Padgate near Warrington in Cheshire. He later worked on Meteor aircraft at Tanmere near Chichester, East Sussex, and Biggin Hill in Kent

The happy couple married at St Leonards Church in Seaford, Sussex, on September 7 1957. Later, they moved to Tunbridge Wells in Kent, where Michael was working as a draughtsman for the local electricity board.

The following year, in June, they moved to Bath, for Michael’s work with the South Western Electricity Board. He retired in 1995 as second engineer.

Daphne, 81, and Michael, 83, have three daughters, all born in Bath: Jane now lives in Hampshire, Christine in West Sussex and Linda in Melbourne, Australia, for many years. They also have two grandchildren: Sebastian, who has just graduated from Durham University, and Henrietta in Australia.

Daphne worked as a receptionist and telephonist with East Sussex Police and then for Unigate in Trowbridge after having the children. Later, she worked for Bowyers in Trowbridge and retired in 1996 after working for local opticians, Carter & Harding.

Daphne said: “We have lived in Trowbridge for over 50 years, moving here in November 1963. Everybody has their ups and downs but we have always been honest with each other.”

Throughout their marriage, they have always enjoyed separate and joint interests including walking, gardening, music and theatre.

They will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary with a family trip to Dartmouth on the Torbay Express steam train on Sunday.

“There will be eight of us going and we shall have breakfast on the way there and a four-course champagne dinner on the way home,” Daphne added.Read more at:SheinDressAU | simple wedding dresses


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New female director has real passion

If Anna Campbell is not the first female board member of the Otago Cricket Association - she is certainly the first in a long time.

The businesswomen and scientist replaced long-serving board member Darin Smith in August.

Smith stepped down due to work commitments after more than five years on the board and Campbell has stepped in to fill the vacancy. She had previously been approached by OCA chairman James Lovelock and asked to consider applying for a board position at the association's annual general meeting next month.

Campbell will have to proceed through a formal appointment process to continue in the role following the AGM. But she has already made a positive impression during her short stint, Lovelock said.

''I think Anna brings an excellent all-round set of skills to the OCA board,'' he wrote in an email.

''Alongside the extensive business experience she's built up, particularly in her role as managing director of AbacusBio, Anna is active with the Institute of Directors and has well recognised governance credentials.

''She is also an excellent communicator, as her regular columns in the Otago Daily Times reflect.

''Importantly, Anna also has a strong personal interest in cricket and good administrative experience, particularly at the community level where she has served on club and Dunedin district junior committees.''

Lovelock said, to the best of his knowledge, Campbell was the first female director of the OCA but ''things are different now and she most definitely won't be the last''.

Both New Zealand Cricket and the OCA have been conscious of the need to broaden the sport's reach and women's cricket has become a strong focus.

Campbell describes herself as a scientist who moved into business and governance. She is analytical, strategic and has a deep passion for cricket which her father helped foster.

''My father, John Campbell, played club cricket until he was in his 40s and my two brothers and I all played as juniors in Dunedin,'' she wrote in an email.

''Later, I played senior women's cricket in Christchurch. More important were the many hours of backyard cricket our family played.''

Campbell said her family was always glued to the television set whenever there was an international on ''to the point that even on my wedding day, when New Zealand was playing India in a one-dayer, the wedding was stopped for regular updates -we won!''.

Campbell and husband Kevin Wilson have three children - two boys and a girl - and they all play club, school and representative cricket.

''A fellow mum told me once on the sideline that her son's teacher told her that playing cricket had improved his concentration at school and given him greater self-confidence.

''It's comments like that which make me realise that games like cricket, which are tactical and physical, with so many elements, are great for children's development.

''Overall, I would love to see greater depth in community cricket, particularly. In my mind, this will translate to senior and representative cricket.

''I am also aware that many mums are put off by the length and complexity of cricket and mums have a big influence on whether their sons and daughters play cricket.

''Cricket needs to become more accessible and less intimidating to females of all ages as spectators and players. Otago and New Zealand Cricket are working very hard on this and I hope I can help them make a difference in this.''Read more at:plus size bridesmaid dresses | blue bridesmaid dresses


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Ricochet reinvents style for everyone

Ricochet reinvents style for everyone

Ricochet is the type of storefront that you might notice for the first time every time you pass by, but more and more it seems to stand out amongst the newer, larger buildings around it.

The building itself is a small, green cottage with picture windows and a wooden sign that sits back from the street on El Camino. Or at least it seems to sit back from the street in that it doesn’t tower over you, forcing you to notice it, but rather, it coaxes you with its quaint quirkiness.

What’s inside is equally quirky: An art gallery by way of a retail fashion boutique. Once inside, one discovers dozens of displays of clothing, and art, all handmade by local artists and curated by owner Jill Pillot.

Pillot has eclectic tastes – a side effect of her mother’s globe trekking lifestyle.

“My mom always thought the grass was greener somewhere else,” Pillot said of her mother’s wanderlust, which took them to places like South Africa, Bulgaria, Belgium, the Canary Islands, and Greece. “I’ve lived in many different types of countries, from areas where kids were walking with no shoes, to places that were quite swanky with private beaches, and I think that’s where my eclectic nature came from.”

As a child she never got to put down roots for long. She dreamed of starting a hotel in which local artists would be featured in the décor, but settled in 1996 for a 200-square-foot retail space where Ricochet began as a second-hand clothing store for children.

Eventually she began repurposing materials from thrift store items for her own fashion designs, and soon the store was carrying both her own original creations and those of local artists.

“As I was evolving with my line of clothes I was doing a lot of fashion shows and I was getting great response from it because at that time recycled materials were not so in,” Pillot said.

Pillot was able to move to a larger space just two doors down from her original location to expand the reach of Ricochet’s inspiration.

Internships & Classes

Ricochet has offered classes for over ten years. They began on the second floor of the original space, where Pillot was living with her two sons. She converted a spare bedroom into a studio where she taught sewing classes for students as young as 8 years old. Now in the new larger space and with their fashion shows starting to take off in popularity, they have been able to offer modeling classes for all ages.

“I wanted to start teaching,” Pillot said. “So I started the academy for children and adults to teach them how to create from what they have in their closets, and in that sense be very environmentally friendly… Often the children say, ‘I have this vision,’ and I used to have a vision, too, and I could never make my vision because I didn’t have the tools or I didn’t have the fabric. So we teach them how to create with what they’re surrounded with.”

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