According to the color to choose wedding dress

?1 The Asians have a dark complexion and a yellowish color. Wearing a snow-white wedding dress reveals a dull complexion, while wearing an ivory wedding dress is more harmonious and natural. Powder blue, pink purple and yellow skin can not coordinate but pink, pink orange, pink green and yellowish match, wearing a pure white wedding dress will look good, especially the latter, with the groom's tuxedo, can highlight the unique bride Brilliance.

2 fair-skinned people almost all wedding dresses can wear, in addition to the traditional white and red, pink and pink wedding dress popular in recent years is a new choice, can bring a different sense of fashion.

3 Skin darker It is advisable to choose some bright colored dresses that can create a healthy and sexy atmosphere, but can highlight a conflict with eye-catching beauty. However, this premise is that you must have a healthy, dark complexion with a healthy complexion.

4 dark yellow skin color try not to try such as purple, blue, cinnamon, lotus root color, copper and gold dresses. Purple, sapphire blue, will make the original skin is not fair enough more dull sallow, and cinnamon, lotus root, copper and gold such shades unless the skin is white. Otherwise, it will create a illusion of integration with the original yellowish skin and dress of the Asians as a whole, and it will not be able to show the focus completely. From a distance, it will not even separate the boundary between the skin and the dress.

Choosing a wedding dress is not just about the need to understand the color trends. It's very easy to wear clothes on the body to match skin color, environment and seasons.

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Wedding dress, very beautiful wedding dress

After many years you will not remember that there is a girl who cherishes you very hard.

Love and being loved, which is happier, is actually about how people choose. If you choose someone who loves, do not reduce your love for him because you have already caught it. Try to get the love of the other person. If you choose someone who loves you, you must treat it with love and learn to love it. If you love each other, you will truly have happiness.

In sadness, resist the sad, bright smile.

In this world, there are ways to face one person alone and to go alone.

The reason why people are tired is that they often linger between insistence and renunciation. There will always be something that we can remember in our lives. There are also things that we must give up. Giving up and persisting is an attitude that everyone faces in life.

Love, broken, will never come back. What I never forget is the old time I was with you. If waiting can be a miracle, I would rather wait for a year, or a lifetime! If I can not love, then I will be a very happy woman.

Overlapping times, blooms are like lotuses, and those gardenias are blooming, like a never-to-be old white.

Woman, the only lesson you have to do in this world, is just to look at each and every man around your skirt. They are all the same passion, the same eagerness, the same smile. When you are happy, OK, no problem. Enjoy a face to accompany someone to watch a movie and still sleep in your sleep. The next day he wakes up and forgets what he has said and continues to watch his performance.

Until one day, the wild bees were scattered, and some people still holding roses waiting for you to go back with him. At that time, it was not too late for you to make a decision. Don't start with, you'll find him.

The world is so chaotic, as a woman, it really is not necessary to look at who it is.

The dreaming heart is free because it can fly.

For those wedding dresses that are stiflingly beautiful, love has always had only two endings. It is not the same. Love is a person's business. A person's righteousness does not look back. A person's enthusiasm and self-knowledge. One's destiny is old and has nothing to do with others.

When a person appears in your dream, it is because that person wants to see you. As if to meet the North Pole in the equator, love is trembling with despair. Be willing to become a supporting actor and get stuck in love with you.

The wedding dress is actually one of the most warm and tenderest dreams of a woman's heart. She crouches in the deepest part of the woman's heart and waits for a burst of wind until she feels swaying and flutters.

The rogues of the years are tepid, and the people around them are divided and united; wandering hearts do not want to wander again; they just want to stay in your love river and give you a happy life and happiness forever.

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Plan a surprise wedding

Creative and personality of the wedding is the pursuit of modern young people, many young after 80, 90 new people, are very have their own ideas, do not want to own wedding insipid, compasses, must be at the wedding out of some of the coup, give the guests present a big surprise, at the same time also give yourself a memorable wedding personality. Today, we're going to share with you some of the most creative wedding designs that you can find at any wedding.

Creative wedding

The red tape in traditional wedding ceremony has long been unable to meet the personalized wedding desired by new couples, and more and more details and novel creative wedding has become the mainstream element in new couples wedding. Let's have a romantic wedding that will shock everyone! Wedding dress purchase choose huqiu wedding net

Personality wedding

The hotel was sumptuous, a hundred and eighty tables of super-large wedding, really have the face. But with such weddings, new people don't seem to be the focus anymore, and the conversation between friends becomes mainstream. After a wedding ceremony, the bride and groom toast, one by one greeting relatives and friends, not only can not take care of every family, but let the wedding into a large tea party.

Creative plan: a bar wedding

In a small bar, a wedding venue can be divided into upstream and downstream, taking into account older parents and younger relatives and friends. In their own small circle, happy interaction with friends and relatives, the scene will be High to explode!

Creative plan: cinema wedding

Bag a movie theater? Surprise! Make yourself and your lover know each other and love each other into a small movie, and really become a movie star. Really put you on the spot.

It is believed that these creative wedding plans will definitely add color to your wedding, make your wedding full of personality, and give friends and family a big surprise.

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Shoot wedding photos of single posture attention

In this era of pursuing individuality, you may be accustomed to the stereotyped poses in traditional wedding photos, and you don't want to have that stiff posture in your wedding photos again. Then how to take the wedding photos when the pose of personality, to see the wedding photos of a single position attention.

1. Place the center on one leg as far as possible, so as to facilitate the body posture. It is usually used to allow one leg of the character to actually support the weight of the whole body, with the other leg slightly raised and leaning against the standing leg.

2. Do not make a line between the body and the head, and try not to be perpendicular to the ground. If the two are in a straight line, there will inevitably be a feeling of stiffness. As a result, the head should turn slightly to the left or right when the body faces the camera. In the same way, when the subject's eyes are facing the camera, the body is turned to a certain Angle, which makes the picture look angry and dynamic, and can increase the three-dimensional sense.

3. The limbs should be changed as much as possible, with twists or angles, and should not be parallel to each other. Whether the subject is sitting or standing, do not allow your arms or legs to be parallel, as this can be rigid and mechanical. The appropriate course of action can be an Angle of one or both. In this way, you can create movement, posture and variety.

Sometimes the muscles of the body need to be tense. For example, sitting position allows the body to move forward, sit close to the edge of the chair, and keep the chest straight and the stomach closed, or hold the chin on the hand. Otherwise, the muscles will deform under pressure and affect the aesthetic feeling.

5. Keep shoulders, waist and crotch not level with the ground as much as possible, which is not conducive to creating body curves. Turn your hips to show the narrowest side. And the bosom wants to pass the curve of the waist, show as far as possible tall. At the same time, the character's hand can be placed on the hip to provide the necessary width for the image.

6. The position of the hands must be well considered and properly placed, but the visual attention of the characters' faces cannot be grabbed. Hide your hands if you're not sure where to put them.

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Girls love classic romantic

The design of wedding dress with floral element is admired greatly, for you roll out the romantic wedding dress that is loved deeply by the girl, the ornament of the flower of classic and vogue, make a person generation infinite beautiful daydream... ... Follow small make up to understand!

One, purple floret

Light color, print full whole marriage gauze. The wedding dress that wipes bosom, peng peng skirt effect, colorful gauze, the skirt that flounces edge is placed, rural breath is rich. Have a wedding in the greenhouse with the taste of elegance. Beautiful women are more comfortable and gentle because of nature.

Two, white spread breast marriage gauze

The choice of pure white is set off by rose, more pure. The addition effect of folds brings more changes and layers, and the other hemlines have the temperament of a princess. Contracted but not simple, the purer the more beautiful. Choose it for a bucolic wedding to make the memory better.

Three, the long skirt that wipe a bosom

Multi-layer long yarn, floral gauze skirt, crotch below the creation lady skirt effect, with elegant and unique temperament. The fishtail wedding dress that shows good figure is the heart of a lot of women, and the fishtail wedding dress that takes rural broken flower is not common, also be because special just more valuable.

Fourth, quietly elegant dyeing

Let or purple or yellow rose climbed marriage gauze, wipe bosom design oversize skirt is placed, tie-in restoring ancient ways white hat, rural temperament all shows. The bride of simple but elegant, colourful red lip, the collocation of contrast, have multiplex glamour extremely, the more have antinomy idiosyncratic attract a person more.

Five, oversize skirt places white marriage gauze

Round collar design, draping. It is cool, comfortable and beautiful. The elegant bride, wearing a long wedding dress, walks in the fields, flowers also pale. The wizard of oz wedding, mysterious and romantic staged.

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The interior also gives you the perfect wedding picture

Now new to wedding photos are increasingly demanding perfection, whether it's taken what style of wedding photos don't appear any flaws, about wedding style that's too much, interior and exterior, and so on, so if the couple want to shoot interior photos which prepared to do, how to shoot the interior of the perfect wedding photos, gulangyu wedding photography now show you specific principle strategy.

One, kiss each other show sweetness

Couple kiss each other indispensable position, this is a picture taken at the time of shooting indoor wedding photos, must grasp the good kiss point of view, not only need natural looking, the bride and groom, too, soulful kiss will be more vivid and moving, before filming, the bride can husband and a good practice, find the feeling, indoor wedding photos are generally pay attention to beautiful, generally is the extent to which seems kiss kiss is the most wonderful, do not kiss, or gather together too tight, this affects the effect of shooting and aesthetic feeling.

Happiness embraces true feelings

To get photos taken has its own characteristics, so embrace will have their own style, the couple must embrace true feelings, at the time of hug, also don't forget to smile oh, hug is a dynamic action, the photographer need to captured your most beautiful moment, so be sure to keep good posture, remember, must not be too rigid, to nature, to the best effect.

Sit gracefully

Photos in the sitting position is very common, sitting position generally difficult to play, but if you want to have their wedding photos taken of the perfect personality, then you have to charge some of idea, newcomer can swing posture, leaning child bride to the groom, reflects the couple's love and sweet, at the same time the two best smile, can make the picture appear more sweet and happy, more appealing.

Taken a set of perfect interior photos is not a easy thing, need new people to be prepared for each item, see above Beijing wedding photography summary for everyone perfect interior photos strategy, at this time you must have probably understanding, so must carry on the interior of the couple, now go and meimei filming, believe your wedding photos will be perfect.

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Unique marriage customs of the achang people

China is a multi-ethnic country. Every nation has its own culture, and of course its own strange customs of marriage. In some ethnic minorities, it is not easy to get a wife. If you understand the marriage customs of the achang nationality, you can know how difficult it is to get a wife in some ethnic minority areas.

The young people of achang nationality call love a "string of girls", which is very interesting. On the day of water splashing festival, the young men and women of achang nationality came to the place and poured water on each other and sang happily. When the sun went down, the young man on the court began to go home. If the girl liked him and agreed to his coming, he would invite some of his companions to follow her into her village. As we walked, we asked each other questions and answered each other's songs. In the process, the girl must remember that there were several boys who came to the village this evening.

The marriage custom of achang nationality many ethnic groups have the marriage custom of snatching relatives, and achang nationality is no exception. Achang clan rush home, a door to set off firecrackers, immediately worship the hall, let the girl wrap high baotou. On that night or the next morning, the girl will be taken to a relative's house far away from the man and the woman. Sometimes, she will hide in the mountains and woods until the family and the woman's parents have finished their negotiation. Because the two parties will eventually become relatives, regardless of the original uproar, the man will still have to hire a matchmaker to Sue the woman's parents for marriage on the third day after the robbery. The ceremony was held at the woman's home, where her family was not responsible for the reception. The husband's family was responsible for the reception and paid the lobbyist. So, in addition to a lobbyist, the man asked for a cook. Negotiations usually take three to six days. In the meantime, both men and women have to negotiate hard. But once a deal was reached, both sides let bygones be bygones and lived in harmony, often coming and going, as one.

The second day after marriage, the women's family will treat them. During the meal, the groom would bend over at each table and say, "a homely vegetarian meal is on the house." So they recognized their relatives. In the afternoon, the man's matchmaker arrived with eight to ten old men and two young women carrying gifts. The girls blackened the groom's face when he wasn't looking. They made everyone laugh. The girls bent over with laughter, and said, "you can't remember the new brother-in-law. To turn home, the groom knelt down in front of his father-in-law and mother-in-law and said, "I'm going back!" The second old man said a few words of good luck. His mother-in-law gave him a piece of cloth made by herself, and his father-in-law gave him fifty yuan. At this time, the naughty girl accidentally hung a bunch of pig bones on the groom's shoulder and said, "we have finished all the meat. Please take the rest of the bones and skins back!" There was another burst of laughter. Out of the stockade the bridegroom threw the bone away. On the third day of their marriage, the family gave the man a large lunch box. There were four buckets of glutinous rice in the big box, and the animals were also allowed to carry four baskets of rice (35 kilograms per basket), to make grain for the little two mouths, and to carry the dowry to the men's home at the same time. Among them, whoever goes out with a large lunch box is honored with a glass of wine: "please ride on a white horse!" After singing a toast of tea: "please ride back on the big red horse!" He who cannot drink is not reluctant. It's polite to leave five cents after a drink.

4. On the fourth day after marriage, the couple returned to the wife's house

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Wedding day bride manners tips

Many brides ask on their wedding day what details should I pay attention to on my wedding day? How should I behave in my wedding dress? Today let jinan comus wedding dress custom rental small make up for you warm tips, wedding day bride should pay attention to the details of appearance.

Tips1: when the bride gets on the wedding car, because she is wearing a wedding dress, the bride should be very careful. She should lower her head slightly and lean forward slightly. At this time, you can ask the bridesmaid to help you put the wedding dress into the car. If you are wearing the dress, you can use your hands or flowers to cover your front breast slightly, so as not to run out.

Tips2: when the bride walks in the wedding ceremony, she needs to pay special attention to her appearance. If the rented wedding dress skirt is too long, you can lift the skirt with your hand slightly. At this time, it is important to keep your toes forward and your feet moving slowly so as not to step on the hem of your skirt.

Tips3: when standing, the bride must be careful to hold her chest high and tighten her chin, which will make her look more energetic. You can practice standing against a wall at home, keeping your head, hips and heels in a straight line. When the bride stands by the groom's side, she can keep a distance of 10 centimeters. Her right hand gently holds the groom's arm and stands in a figure of eight with him.

Tips4: when the bride turns around or turns around, she should use her waist as the support point and turn her whole upper body together. This is not only dignified, but also can prevent the double chin from only shaking her head.

Tips5: when the bride sits in the chair, her upper body should lean forward slightly, and she should sit on the chair slowly. After sitting, she should straighten up her waist.

Above bride's manner guide, the bride should keep in mind only, pay more attention to, will be guests and parents eyes of the dignified lady, and remember to smile more.

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Online wedding dress should be paid attention

1. Don't assume high reputation and high turnover, their store is good reputation. I finally saw the shop where I had placed my order. They had a lot of turnover. One buyer bought gloves a dozen times. I think it's too fake. So MM should see clearly.

2. Also, before buying wedding dresses, I want to know what brands there are in this industry, what kind of products these brands have, whether there is any reference standard on the price, and what kind of styles they have at what price. I would like to suggest you to know more about them.

Don't think the picture looks good, the wedding dress looks good. I later read someone else's post to say, some do bridal factories, actually take other people's style to imitate, but the picture is not clear, or not complete, they copy when cut corners, very rough. We saw pictures on their website platform that were decent, but they weren't theirs at all. Just think about it. A wedding dress costs only a few hundred yuan, and the company has no brand culture. It's impossible. I'd like to believe they shot their own wedding dress on a fake model, or at least they were honest. So, MM you must ask the shopkeeper, these photos are taken by yourselves, or others.

Are they real factories? There are a lot of open shop on the website platform, MM you remember to ask them first whether the manufacturer direct sale, if not, the consequence will be very troublesome. If so, you can ask for more details, such as calling to see if it looks like a legitimate company. I called once and answered the phone. It was an aunt. It was a dialect at first. I think such stores may be personal agents, and I will be very nervous. Just think about it. I suggest you buy wedding dress to be able to go to network shopping mall to see, the wedding dress there is a factory to do, at least compared with the agent has safeguard point.

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Make-up techniques for men taking wedding photos

As a new person entering the auditorium, the decoration of appearance is very important, not only for women, but also for new men. Girls generally love beauty, usually pay attention to the maintenance of appearance, but men do not pay attention. With wedding photos about to be taken, have the new men noticed their looks? So how should a man dress up?

The skin of a lot of male has very big problem, the blain blain mark that leaves on the skin or small pit, do not notice at ordinary times, when photographing wedding gauze photograph, intense lamplight illuminate won't show very good effect below, so, should choose a powdery bottom with very strong cover power to go to cloak. A powdery bottom that maintains a skin also is necessary, when the man is making up, need thin only one layer is ok, do not be ok stroke makeup, natural a bit can maintain makeup look basically in longer time transparent.

Men's eyebrows are usually thick and need to be heavily groomed. Poor painting can ruin the whole look, so it's ok to tinker with your makeup, and change the shape of your eyebrows a bit, removing the extra fur. As the saying goes, a person's appearance and appearance is the first impression that gives a person, especially in front of the event of his life, of course, also want to leave a best impression.

The beard of the man is very important, maintain clean shave besides is good method, also some people like to keep a beard, besides the beard model that sets apart to suit oneself face shape, need to keep clean and dry all the time with the skin just most key. Make up remind bridegroom, before taking wedding gauze photograph, should take care to maintain oneself skin, use a few more protect skin to protect skin to taste, the marriage gauze photograph that takes is not only the bride, you also can be the focal point of attention.

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